Monday, 15 November 2010

Cambridge meet

Spent this weekend up at the Cambridge meet.
Had a chilled out couple of days, caught up with Steve (Wolfcrafter, see his blog 'all things bushcraft') and had the chance to set up my new tarp.
I was pleasantly surprised by the location, plenty of trees to identify, good soft ground! and owls hooting through the night to fall asleep to.

Thank you Steve, for setting up and arranging the whole weekend.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

North wood Midlands meet

First time we have been to this venue. We were joined by wolfcrafter and a friend of our's (Dale) who has travelled the entire globe... but never been Bushcrafting before! He was a complete natural, and fitted in really well. We managed a quite productive mushroom hunt, fired up jason's new honey stove, made my first cowboy coffee, and drank rather a lot (as per usual). Jason's beeswax candles went down a storm. And apart from the mosquito bites... A bloody good weekend!
p.s. Also touched base with Tinky pete, Shaggy stu, Rychard abd loads of the other Midlands boy's...

Top marks!