Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tac-up gear (new winter hat)

Quick update, I have just recieved the new tacup gear (winter) hat in the post! Excellent it is too..
I had been looking to get a lowe alpine hat or similar for some time, as I find most heat lost at night is due to not having a decent hat. I also suffer badly if I wear those awful wooly hats (itch like mad!)
This would appear to tick all the boxes, plus it has a cool Sweden flag and is in a bushcrafters favourite camo!!

I will post another review once I have tried it out in the coming winter.. Another good product from te guys at Tac-up gear!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tac-up gear (new products review)

Had a stroke of luck recently, and managed to win an M90 small bag from the guy's at Tac up gear!
So I thought I'd show people some pics and a little review... I also purchased one of their M90 scarves/shemagh's. Very nice gear!
The shemagh is surprisingly warm, and is large and versatile. I have been using it on cold nights out camping, a nice material that dry's a hell of a lot quicker than my regular shemagh!

The Small Bag.
Very nice addition to my kit bag. I just can't decide what to keep in it?? Has been used to put my jacket in, it's very tough and also doubles nicely as a pillow (when stuffed with spare clothes). 

All in all, a nice couple of additions to my kit, I would love one of their new M90 jackets, as with all the Tac up gear range, good quality and value for money! Cheers guy's.