Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New products from Tac Up Gear of Sweden

Recieved some new goodies in the post from the tac up guy's recently! Their product range is really coming along nicely... A huge following on facebook, along with military, Airsoft community, bushcrafters, and M90 camo fans.

First up is the new (Large) Stuff sack... A nice waterproof  M90 camo bag, with adjustment straps and a sweet luminescent tag. I've used mine to hold my Snugpack sleeping bag. I much prefer it to the Snugpack one which was very thin and a bit to small for my liking.. Also, I can fit my bivvy bag in the tac up gear bag along with the sleep bag! Check it out!!

Secondly they also included a pair of their 'Thule' winter gloves. These are real nice and warm and served me well at work in the recent miserable cold weather we had! Gonna add them to my extreme cold weather kit I'm building up!

They also sent me one of their Shemagh's (if you don't know what one is you must be reading this blog by accident!). And one of their Signal Mesh panels.. I think our resident army map instructor at the Bushcraft meets might be interested in this product? I will post up a nice pic of him pretending to be lost at some point!!

All in.. I'm very impressed. Nice gear at great price! Just wish they would start making the trousers again!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Interesting shrooms from last Autumn/Fall

I'm guessing the top one is a field mushroom, the yellow one's are (I hope) false chanterelles.. And the bottom one is a red cracked bolete!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I love my Swedish Army Trangia!!!

I'm going to leave this post open to try and show how versatile this great piece of kit is!!
I now own two, a stainless and an alluminium version... The windshield on the stainless model acts as a wood burning hobo stove. And I have just learned a neat trick for using a kettle! Pics to follow!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mora Mad!


Love this Mora, and picked up this nice Sami style sheath a while ago.. Just did a bit of wet form to get it to fit, and got rid of the horrid oversize finger guard. Now it fits like a glove, and makes a cool sound when you sheath it! I don't suppose the colour combo is everyones taste' but I don't care!
I am on a mission to get all bushcrafters to give up on expensive stupid knives and by a Mora/Hultafors instead!